Design: Marco Sousa Santos
Brand Name: Branca-Lisboa
Oak wood and leather upholstery
Stained oak wood and leather upholstery
Finish: Natural
Size: 86 (L) x 80 (W) x 98 (H) cm

Adamastor views 4.jpg

Adamastor lounge chair and ottoman is made of oak or walnut, and upholstered with natural leather. 
The Adamastor project development mimics a “wood skeleton structure with foam muscles and a leather skin coverage”.

These muscles are optional and resizeable and each chair is tailor made. 

Adamastor represents a mutant monster made out of dark clouds and stormy waves that scared the Portuguese sailors when try their way by sea from Portugal to India back in the 15th century. 

 This “natural monster” was invented by Portuguese writer Luís de Camões , in its book of poetry called "Os Lusíadas " to represent the courage of the Portuguese sailors, facing the unknown and dangerous monsters. 

 The Adamastor lounge chair have the option of being mutant like the Monster in the book. Each part may be developed specifically by user request. In the process of the making the measures, and materials may be used in different scales and materials having in mind the requests and type of the user. 

Based in the principle of local production and fair price calculation, the Adamastor chair may take up to two months production running time. Yet, the quality and expertise of the Branca hand makers turns each of these chairs into a unique and particular product worthy to wait for.