Furniture brand BRANCA presents the most recent members of its family: LIN, NÍVEL and SOFO.
Developed by designer Marco Sousa Santos, the 3 new designs continue to reflect the
brand’s commitment to locally produced contemporary design and craftsmanship.

Lin lamp, Nível side table and Sofo sofa can make a perfect ensemble together, or shine on their own. They are suitable for private, working or commercial settings and are produced from the finest materials by Branca craftsman partners.

Like most of Branca products, Sofo and Nível are manufactured using traditional wood joinery techniques. This ancient method has been used throughout the centuries in wood manufacturing and offers a durable solution in construction as well as being visually attractive. It portrays what Branca stands for: reinventing traditions and combining them with a clear design.

 "With Lin, Nível and Sofo, I'm focused on contemporary craftsmanship. The use of traditional materials and techniques is a challenge for designers. It is not enough that products look fine or familiar, they also must be unexpected and new. The emphasis was on connecting the old and the new; materials, techniques and shapes.”
Marco Sousa Santos, art director of Branca.

A piece that brings effortless elegance to any space. Sofo’s design is reminiscent of another era, with a solid oak base structure and fine lines. At a closer look, a new dimension is unveiled as the gridded upholstery fabric takes us to a digital era, making an unexpected contrast. There’s a variety of colours to choose from, tweaking the design into the desired look.

Material: solid oak wood
Fabric: Recycled polyester with cradle-to-cradle certification. Available in several colours from Gabriel catalogue
Dimensions: 2m x 0,7m x 0,6m

The double leveled side table is both functional and refined. In Nível, the elements are invisibly connected providing an extra visual quality.
Made from solid oak or walnut, this piece is carefully produced from traditional production methods, ensuring that a great design must also be made to last.

Material: Solid Oak or Walnut wood
Dimensions: 1m x 1m x 1m x 0,6m

A structured piece, Lin can either blend in or stand out on its own. Available in black or white, the round shape lamp combines the subtleness of the cotton fabric with the lightness of a wired frame shadow.

Material: Metal strings, cotton shade
Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm


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