Care instructions for Wood

Wood (veneer and solid wood) and color lacquer with standard finishing

Keep clean with a cotton cloth. 
Remove stains with a moist cloth o r with some soapy water (without glycerin!!) or if necessary with a degreasing cleaner. 
After this, clean the table well with clean water in order to eliminate all cleaning liquids previously used. 
However, avoid the surface becoming too wet. 
End with a dry cloth. 
Always work in the direction of the grain of the wood. Never use wax, wax-containing substances or abrasives.

Wood (veneer and solid wood) and color lacquer with mat-natural finishing

Same as standard finishing. 
Important: mat-natural finish is more sensitive towards grease than standard finish. Therefore, the (daily) 
maintenance needs a little bit more attention. 
Remove greasy spots - preferably immediately - with soapy water (without glycerin!!), with a degreasing cleaner. Should this be not effective enough, you can also treat the spot with benzine for cleaning purposes. 
Important: remove liquids preferably immediately, but in any case within 15 to 30 minutes! 
Pollen fallen out of flowers have to be carefully dabbed by means of a piece of adhesive tape. Never rub out the pollen! Spots caused by pollen cannot be removed any more. 

Furthermore, we would like to point out that certain objects do have (black) rubber feet (e.g. lamps, telephones, bowls, etc.) Some (colour) substances in rubber may cause spots in the mat-natural lacquer. These spots cannot be removed afterwards, and therefore we strongly advise you to use mats or felt in these cases.