Care Instruictions Sunbrella Fabrics

Regular cleaning is important in order to keep the upholstery textile looking its best and to prolong its life.
Dust and dirt wear down the textile and alsoreduce its re-retardant properties.

Standard cleaning
Vacuum frequently, ideally every week. Use the vacuum at half power when appropriate.
We recommend that upholstered furniture in commercial environments are cleaned by professionals 2 to 3 times a year.

Specic stains
Liquids must be soaked up with an absorbent napkin or cloth.
Non-greasy stains can be removed by gently dabbing with a moist sponge or lint-free cloth. Work in circular
motion towards the centre of the stain.
Always ensure the textile is fully dry before using the furniture again. Using a hairdryer can help to avoid edge
marks, particularly with microbre fabrics.

Please note: these tips are purely recommendations and do not guarantee complete stain removal. In all cases, we recommend contacting a professional dry cleaner